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  • NEPAL: Relief Operation
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  • Ampippal, Taklung
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The Plan

Phase 1)
Believers Member and few friends (Team 1) will head to the affected area to assess the damage and supplies needed.

Phase 2)
May 1st : 2nd round of volunteers (TEAM 2) will head to region selected by Team 1. This team will supply the relief goods based on the information provided by the team 1 through their research. The team includes a doctor and a nurse as well and will be setting up tents and medical camps and provide relief goods to local people.

Phase 3)
May 3rd : 3rd round of volunteers will join Team 1 and Team 2 with more supplies based on the need. And we will be at the scene for sometime.


Description: 9 wards, total 800 families. 

Except for houses of ward no.7, almost 90% of the houses are partially or completely destroyed.

This is a very poor community and currently they have no food, the nearest market area is at least 4 hours away.

No government help has reached so far as per local Vdc heads and people.

Plan: set up 50 huge tents within 8 wards and move to next affected area


Ampippal, Taklung

What we Need

Since we are focused more on reaching out to places where relief hasn’t yet been provided, we have the responsibility to help as many people as we can and not leave anyone without help. Dhawa in Gorkha has already received shelter and medical help from our team members and starting May 4 2015 we’ve moved on to helping Ampippal and Taklung in Gorkha.

Along with these villages in Gorkha, we are also providing relief to Sankhu in Kathmandu specially on water purification, medicines and mattresses.

At the same time, we are assessing some villages in Kabhre and Dhading where we can send our team and provide relief materials.

Since Gorkha was the largest hit, we sent all the relief goods collected so far to Gorkha where fortunately we have been able to help more than 4 villages and more than 3000 families already.

We need more to help other parts of Nepal where priorities are shelter and water purification.

We have already started collecting goods for relief in Lapa, a VDC in Dhading with 853 families and 10,012 people where only 4 sacks of chiura, 2 cartons of biscuits, 4 cartons of noodles has been provided! And the biggest challenge is to send enough relief goods as the earthquake induced landslide has caused it unaccessible via land with 3 days of walking with relief goods.




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